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Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design Kitsap County, Award Winning Service
Powerful branding gives you the tools for success.

graphic design Kitsap County

Advertising costs less in Kitsap! Organizations that are serious about their marketing and advertising do not need to cross the water to pay big city rates for creative services. Our graphic designers are formally trained not only in graphic arts, but also in fine arts and photography, which allows us to pursue excellence in every marketing piece we create for you. We are professional grade, with advanced mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite applications, including InDesign, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Lightroom and more. We can also research, write and edit copy for you, because content matters too! If you need a team to help you take a look at your entire branding and advertising effort, “no problema.”

We know from experience that our clients are experts in their field and typically bring a wealth of good ideas and insights. Great things happen when we all collaborate as a team. Whether creating brochures, mailers, signage, displays or other, our designs are subject to your input and approval.  That’s what it means to be “your design team.”

graphic design KitsapWe also understand the print production world inside and out. We operated one of the largest commercial print shops on the peninsula for over 15 years. We’ll get you the biggest bang for your buck while saving you the hassle.

North Woods’ designers have won both regional and national recognition for design and campaign coordination.
Since 1994, “We are committed to your success!”

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Providing excellence in graphic design Kitsap County. North Woods team created branding and maintains  travel websites Touch Hawaii and Touch the Pacific Northwest.