Solid Custom Colors

Solid Colors

What’s your favorite color?  There are so many custom colors to choose from. Check out the examples & color swatches below to personalize your Prosthetic Limb, AFO or KAFO Leg Brace.  This turns your prosthetic into a work of art and a statement piece that makes you feel proud and “stand tall.”

Simply pick a color from the swatches below and attach a few photos of your prosthetic socket or AFO, KAFO leg brace… We’ll do the rest!

Prosthetic Ink Solid Custom Colors

  • Solid Colors from $429

Durable and Shiny Paint Finish!

Ladies, Try our “Wet Look”

We can use PPG Paint swatches and color codes typically used for “Autos” for durability.

Check out a few pages of our PPG paint swatch book for example colors.

These color chips cannot be considered totally accurate, they are just visual representations of the actual colors.

Download a PDF version of the pages:  HERE

Brite & Bold Colors

Dark & Dramatic Colors

Earth Wind Colors

Hot Licks Colors

Soft & Subtle Colors