The best marketing and communication pieces can open doors and build new relationships. They can attract new visitors to a destination, new donors to a worthy endeavor. They fuel growth. They can change hearts and minds and even win elections.  The exciting part our “idea story” at North Woods Productions is this: with our clients, together we have taken “they can,” to “we have.”

We are continually blessed with clients with amazing talents and abilities. When our team comes together with your team to develop ideas in a fresh way, amazing things happen. Because every successful project–like a promotional video, TV spot, website, printed piece or entire campaign, begins with a powerful set of ideas.

Great ideas arise from understanding. So we work hard to understand and collaboratively uncover your goals, strengths and opportunities. We identify your audience. How does your business work? What are the trends? From that understanding and the resulting ideas, rise powerful tools that equip your organization to move from “we can,” to “we have!”

Cheers! To the team of great ideas!